Bobcat Service Analyzer V86.02 Programming & Diagnostics Tool 02/2018

  • Brand: Bobcat
  • Availability: Instant Download or DVD via AirMail
  • File Size: 133.6 Mb
  • File Format: The RAR multi-volume archive
  • Language: Multilanguage includes English
  • Publication date: 02.2018 year

Description of Bobcat Service Analyzer V86.02 Programming & Diagnostics Tool 02/2018

Bobcat Service Analyzer V86.02 is diagnostic software, which contents complete information for diagnostics and calibration Bobcat equipment.

The setting diagnostic software Bobcat Service Analyzer V86.02 on a personal computer, the user has everyday access view a necessary information for the diagnostic engine. This software will allow you to familiarize yourself with the various technical information and functions of Bobcat equipment. So with service analyzer, you can correctly diagnose your equipment and prevent premature breakdowns.

The Bobcat Service Analyzer will allow you to perform the following functions:
1. Programming:
- Software updates
- Change SN/Options
- Clear Controller Data
2. Service Log:
- Service codes
- Warnings & Shutdowns
- Maintenance clock
- Raw data (hex) View
3. Diagnostics:
- Drive pump calibration status
- Panel
- Remote Control
- System
- Vitals
- Edit Diagnostic Screens
4. Calibrations:
- Actuator
- Wheel angle
- Remote control sync
- Keyless panel downgrade
- interactive tests
All these functions are active, and you can use them to diagnose your hardware model, just enter your data and use professional and correct information

On our site, you can order a diagnostic program. Once you get the software, we will send all the instructions necessary to install and provide after-sales service or the product can be activated using Teamviewer Remote Assistance.

Service Software V86.02 - 21 Feb 2018:
1. Removed Auto-Idle as an option for SJC loaders with Bobcat Engines. Before this was a selectable option. The feature is defaulted to on for these machines.
2. Loader software update for Bobcat Engine machines.
Adds two new codes (M0144 and M0145). Related to air filter plugging for loaders with M4 Gateway Controller and Bobcat Engines. Codes are set and engine power is de-rated after operating 8 hours with a plugged air filter code (M0117).
3. New telehandler Drive software (V5.9):
- Transmission softening for following machines (all platforms):
TL30.60, TL26.60, V519, TH.6030, TL30.70, TH.7030, TL38.70HF, TH.7038, TL34.65HF, TH.6534, TL35.70, TH.7035, T35.105, T35.105L, T36.120SL, T35.130S, T35.130SLP, T35.140S, T41.140SLP, T40.180SLP.
- Reduction of engine speed to apply park brake later when the engine shut down occurs on following machines (all platforms Stage 4):
TL30.60, TL26.60, TH.6030, TL30.70,TH.7030, TL34.65HF, TH.6534, TL35.70, TH.7035, TL38.70HF, TH.7038, T35.105, T35.105L, T36.120SL, T35.130S, T35.130SLP, T35.140S, T41.140SLP, T40.180SLP
4. New telehandler Gateway software (V5.9):
- Current ECU and DCU software version displayed on Service Analyzer for Stage 4 machines.

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