Bomag BW 156/177 D-3/AD-3/DH-3/PDH-3 Single Drum Rollers Operating And Maintenance Instruction PDF

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  • Publication date: 2000 year

Product Description

This operating and maintenance instruction is intended for serve and repiar Bomag Single Drum Rollers BW 156 D-3 / DH-3 / PDH-3, BW 177 D-3 / DH-3 / PDH-3 / AD-3.
This instruction contains technical service information, technical specifications, safety information, troubleshoot information, etc.
This instruction comes in PDF format. You can work with this manual after installing Adobe PDF Reader. Working with this PDF instruction, you can easily copy, save, and print the information you need.
This manual helps to troubleshoot and resolve any problems that arise.

Serial Numbers:
S/N 101 581 03......> S/N 101 581 04......>
S/N 101 581 05......> S/N 101 581 11......>
S/N 101 581 12......> S/N 101 581 13......>
S/N 101 581 14......>

BW 156 D-3, BW 156 DH-3, BW 156 PDH-3,
BW 177 DH-3, BW 177 PDH-3, BW 177 AD-3.

Technical Data
Safety regulations
Indicators and Controls
    General notes
    Description of indicators and control elements
    General notes
    Tests before starting to operate
    Starting the engine
    Starting with jump leads
    Driving the machine
    Emergency exit
    Operating the parking brake, stopping the machine
    Shutting the engine down
    Switching the vibration on and off
    Activate the pressure sprinkler system
    Adjusting the steering wheel
    Adjusting the seat
    Operating the hood
    Towing in case of an engine failure
    General notes on maintenance
    Fuels and lubricants
    Table of fuels and lubricants
    Running-in instructions
    Maintenance chart
    Checking the engine oil level
    Checking, cleaning the water separator
    Checking, cleaning the fuel filter water separator
    Checking, cleaning the water separator
    Checking the fuel level
    Checking the coolant level
    Checking the hydraulic oil level
    Checking the V-belt
    Checking the water level for the sprinkler system
    Checking the dust separator on the oil bath air filter
    Checking the tire pressure
    Adjusting the scrapers
    Changing engine oil and oil filter cartridge
    Cleaning the cooling fins on engine and hydraulic oil cooler
    Checking the oil level in the drive axle
    Checking the oil level in the left/right hand planetary drives
    Checking the oil level in the vibration bearing
    Check the oil level in the drum drive gear (BW 156 DH/PDH und BW 177 DH)
    Checking the oil level in the drum drive reduction gear (only BW 177 PDH)
    Servicing the battery
    Draining the sludge from the fuel tank
    Changing the fuel filter cartridges
    Changing the fuel pre-filter cartridge
    Checking V-belt tension, idler pulley and blower hub
    Changing the oil in the drive axle
    Changing the oil in the planetary drive
    Changing the oil in the drum drive gear (BW 156 DH/PDH und BW 177 DH)
    Changing the oil in the drum drive reduction gear (only BW 177 PDH-3)
    Changing the oil in the vibration bearing
    Checking the fastening elements on the engine
    Tightening the fastening of the axle on the frame
    Tightening the wheel nuts
    Checking the ROPS
    Cleaning the oil bath air filter
    Checking, adjusting the valve clearance
    Changing the hydraulic oil and the breather filter
    Changing the hydraulic oil filter
    Changing the coolant
    Checking, cleaning, changing the combustion air filter
    Cleaning the water sprinkler system
    Water sprinkler system, maintenance in case of frost
    Bleeding the fuel system
    Adjusting the parking brake
    Changing the tires
    Checking the fresh air filter for the cabin
    Tightening torques
    Engine conservation
    General notes

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