Case 970-1070 Tractors Service Manual PDF

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Description of Case 970-1070 Tractors Service Manual PDF

Service manual is an electronic guide that is delivered in PDF, and you can print all pages.
Service manual is designed to provide timely assistance in the repair, service and troubleshooting of Tractors Case 970-1070.
This service manual comes in PDF format. To view the information you must have any PDF Reader. Working with this manual, you can easily copy, save, and print the information you need. If necessary, you can print pages, pictures, charts, or the entire manual completely.

General Specifications 970 Tractor
General Specifications 1070 Tractor
Detailed Specifications
Lubrication 970 Tractor
Lubrication 1070 Tractor

Cylinder Head and Valves (Diesel)
Cylinder Head and Valves (Spark Ignition)
Engine Block Assemblies
Air Intake System
Cooling System - Engine Oil Filter
Governor (Spark Ignition) 970 Tractor

Fuel Filters
Fuel Tank
Fuel Injection Pump (Diesel)
Fuel Injectors -Roosa Master (Diesel)
Carburetor (Spark Ignition) 970 Tractor

Hydraulic Oil Filters
Dual Hydraulic Pump
Dual Remote Valve
Case Flow Divider - PTO Control Valve
Draft-0-Matic System
Remote Cylinders and Couplings

Steering Column and Hand Pump
Steering Control Valves
Steering A ctuator
Steering Axle

Power Shift Transmission
Single Reduction Final Drive and Transmission
Hydraulic PTO
14" - 15" Traction Clutches and Pedals

Hydraulic Master Brake Cylinder and Pedals
Power Assist Unit and Pedals
Differential and Parking Brakes

Wiring Diagrams (Diesel)
Wiring Diagram (Spark Ignition)

Hydraulic Testing - (Steering-Power Brakes)
Hydraulic Testing - (Power Shift - Dual Remotes PTO Clutch)
Hydraulic System
Dual Pump - Flow Divider Valve
Dual Remote Hydraulic System
Draft-0-Matic Hydraulic System
Power Steering Power Brakes
Power Shift Transmission
Hydraulic PTO

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