Case CX130 Crawler Excavators Service Manual PDF

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  • Publication date: 2005 year

Description of Case CX130 Crawler Excavators Service Manual PDF

Service manual provides detailed service information, special instructions for repair and maintenance, wiring diagrams and schematics, service records and other supporting information for Crawler Excavators Case CX130.
Service manual helps troubleshoot computer systems and hardware conflicts.
Electronic manual works in electronic form on the PC, but if necessary, the user can print the entire document or selected partitions.
To view this information you need to install Adobe Reader (or any analog).

Section 1001 - Safety, general information and standard torque data
Section 1002 - General specifications and special torque setting

Section 2000 - Removal and installation of the engine
Section 2001 - Radiator and oil-cooler
Engine specifications - Consult the Engine Service Manual
Disassembly and assembly of the engine - Consult the Engine Service Manual

Section 3001 - Fuel tank
Fuel engine system - Consult the Engine Service Manual

Section 4001 - Electrical system, electrical and electronic troubleshooting
Section 4002 - Inspection and maintenance of batteries and connecting a booster battery
Section 4003 - Main and engine electronic control boxes

Section 5001 - Removal and installation of tracks
Section 5002 - Removal and installation of a set of rubber tracks
Section 5003 - Rollers
Section 5004 - Sprocket
Section 5005 - Idler wheel and tension shock absorber

Section 6001 - Drive motor and final drive transmission removal and installation
Section 6002 - Drive motor and final drive transmission disassembly and assembly
Section 6003 - Swing reduction gear, removal and installation
Section 6004 - Swing reduction gear, disassembly and assembly


Section 8000 - Depressurising and decontaminating the hydraulic system, use of the vacuum pump and bleeding the components
Section 8001 - Specifications, troubleshooting, checks and hydraulic pressure settings
Section 8002 - Hydraulic reservoir removal and installation
Section 8003 - Main and pilot pumps, removal and installation
Section 8004 - Main hydraulic control valve, removal and installation
Section 8005 - Attachment cylinders, removal and installation
Section 8006 - Hydraulic swivel, removal and installation
Section 8007 - Pilot blocs, removal and installation
Section 8008 - Swing motor, removal and installation
Section 8010 - Main hydraulic pump, disassembly and assembly
Section 8011 - Main hydraulic control valve, disassembly and assembly
Section 8012 - Attachment cylinders, disassembly and assembly
Section 8013 - Hand control levers, disassembly and assembly
Section 8014 - Foot control levers, disassembly and assembly
Section 8015 - Six-solenoid valves, disassembly and assembly
Section 8016 - Caution valve, disassembly and assembly
Section 8017 - Safety valve
Section 8018 - Hydraulic swivel, disassembly and assembly
Section 8019 - Swing motor, disassembly and assembly
Section 8020 - Hydraulic functions

Section 9000 - Quick coupler
Section 9002 - Upperstructure, turntable and counterweight
Section 9003 - Boom, dipper and bucket
Section 9004 - Seat and seat belt
Section 9005 - Cab and cab equipment
Section 9006 - Air conditioning troubleshooting
Pocket - Large format electrical schematic
Pocket - Large format hydraulic schematic
Pocket - Hydraulic schematic with dozer blade (Huchida pump)
Pocket - Hydraulic schematic with dozer blade (Kawasaki pump)

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