Case Isuzu Engines BB-4BG1T and BB-6BG1T Service Manual PDF

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  • Language: English, French, German
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  • Print Length: 174 pages
  • Publication date: 2001 year

Description of Case Isuzu Engines BB-4BG1T and BB-6BG1T Service Manual PDF

Service manual contains comprehensive service information, special instructions, detailed wiring diagrams, hydraulic charts, special instructions on installation, technical specifications designed to improve the service of Engines Isuzu BB-4BG1T and BB-6BG1T for equipment Case.
Service manual is designed to work on a personal computer with the operating systems - Windows and Mac. This manual comes in PDF format and includes 174 pages, which are printable. To view this information you need to install Adobe Reader (or any analog).

Section 1 - General Information
        General repair instructions
        Notes on the format of this manual
        Main data and specifications
        External view
        Tightening torque specifications
        Angular nut and bolt tightening method
        Major component mounting nuts and bolts
Section 2 - Maintenance
        Fuel system
        Cooling system
        Valve clearance adjustment
        Injection timing
        Compression pressure measurement
        Turbocharger inspection
        Engine repair kit
        Note: Maintenance intervals such as fuel or oil filter changes should be referred to in the Operator’s Manual.
Section 3 - Disassembly
        External parts disassemby steps
        Major components
        Rocker arm and rocker arm shaft disassembly steps
        Cylinder head disassembly steps
        Piston and connecting rod disassembly steps
Section 4 - Inspection and repair
        Cylinder head
        Valve guide
        Valve spring
        Push rod
        Rocker arm shaft and rocker arm
        Idler gear and idler gear shaft
        Cylinder body and liner
        Piston and piston ring
        Piston pin
        Connecting rod
        Flywheel and flywheel housing
        Timing gear case cover
Section 5 - Reassembly
        Piston and connecting rod reassembly steps
        Cylinder head reassembly steps
        Rocker arm and rocker arm shaft reassembly steps
        Major component reassembly steps
        Major component reassembly steps II
        External part reassembly steps (Left-hand side)
        External part reassembly steps (Right-hand side)
        Engine tuning operation
Section 6 - Lubricating system
        General information
        Oil pump
        Oil cooler
Section 7 - Cooling system
        General description
        Water pump
Section 8 - Fuel system
        General description
        Injection nozzle (Single stage)
        Injection nozzle (Two stage)
Section 12 - Troubleshooting
        Hard starting
        Fuel is not being delivered to the injection pump
        Unstable low idling
        Insufficient power
        Excessive fuel consumption
        Excessive oil consumption
        White exhaust smoke
        Darkish exhaust smoke
        Oil pressure does not rise
        Abnormal engine noise
Section 13 - Special tools
        Special tool list

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