Caterpillar D4 Track-Type Tractor Set of PDF Manuals

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Description of Caterpillar D4 Track-Type Tractor Set of PDF Manuals

These service manuals are guides to Cat equipment care.
Service manuals contain service and maintenance information, special repair instructions, troubleshooting information for Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor D4.
Service instructions help to troubleshoot and resolve any problems that arise.
This product comes in zip format, includes PDF files. To work with PDF files you should use Adobe PDF Reader.

This product includes following Service Manuals:
- Maintenance Manual Caterpillar D4 Track-Type Tractor;
- Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting Caterpillar 141 & 143 Hydraulic Control;
- Disassembly & Assembly Caterpillar D4D Tractor Engine;
- Disassembly & Assembly Caterpillar D4D Tractor Power Train;
- Parts Book and Instruction Manual for Hyster D4D Towing Winch;
- Specifications Caterpillar D4D Tractor Power Train;
- Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting Caterpillar D4D Tractor Power Train - 20 pages.

Serial Numbers:
Track-Type Tractor

Hydraulic Control
141&143 54G1-UP, 62G1-UP, 89U1-UP, 97G1-UP
D4D    47H1-UP, 49J1-UP, 59J1-UP, 60J1-UP,
            65J1-UP, 69K1-UP, 74U1-UP, 82J1-UP, 97F1-UP

Tractor Engine
D4D     7R1-UP, 47H1-UP, 49J1-UP, 59J1-UP,
            60J1-UP, 61J1-UP, 65J1-UP, 66J1-UP,
            69K1-UP, 74U1-UP, 82J1-UP, 83J1-UP, 97F1-UP

Tractor Power Train (Specifications)
D4D     7R1-UP, 47H1-UP, 49J1-UP, 59J1-UP,
            60J1-UP, 61J1-UP, 65J1-UP, 66J1-UP, 69K1-UP

Tractor Power Train (Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting)
D4D     47H1-UP, 49J1-UP, 59J1-UP, 60J1-UP,
            65J1-UP, 69K1-UP, 74U1-UP, 82J1-UP,
            83J1-UP, 97F1-UP

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Track-Type Tractor):
Walk-Around Checks
Fuels and Lubricant Specifications
Lubrication and Maintenance Chart
Every 10 Service Hours or Weekly
Every 50 Service Hours or Weeks
Every 100 Service Hours or 2 Weeks
Every 250 Service Hours or Monthly
Every 500 Service Hours or 3 Months
Every 1000 Service Hours or 6 Months
Every 2000 Service Hours or 1 Year
When Required
Plow Bolt Torque Chart
Refill Capacities
Wiring Diagrams
Serial Number Location

INDEX (Hydraulic Control):
    External Control Valve
    Hold Position Operation
    Hydraulic System
    Make-Up Valve
    Tank Control Valve
    Tilt Circuit
    Hydraulic System
    Hydraulic System Test Procedures
    Operational Checks
    Testing the Pressure Relief Valve
    Visual Checks

SERVICE INDEX (Tractor Engine):
Starting Motor
Air Cleaner
Fuel Priming Pump
Primary Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter Base
Fuel Lines
Fuel Injection Pump Housing and Governor
Fuel Injection Pump Housing and Governor, Separation & Connection
Governor, Disassemble & Assemble
Fuel Transfer Pump
Fuel Injection Pumps
Fuel Injection Pumps, Disassemble & Assemble
Fuel Check Valve and Bypass Valve
Fuel Injection Pumps Housing, Disassemble Assemble
Fuel Injection Pumps Housing and Governor, Separation & Comment
Governor, Disassemble & Assemble
Fuel Injection Pump Housing, Disassemble & Assemble
Fuel Transfer Pump
Fuel Transfer Pump, Disassemble & Assemble
Water Temperature Regulator
Glow Plugs
Oil Filter Base
Oil Filter Base, Disassemble & Assemble
Transmission Oil Cooler
Water Pump
Water Pump, Disassemble & Assemble
Exhaust Manifold
Fuel Injection Valves
Pre-combustion Chambers
Valve Cover
Rocker Shaft and Push Rods
Rocker Shaft, Disassemble & Assemble
Valve Lifters
Cylinder Head
Pistons, Disassemble & Assemble
Valve Seat Inserts
Water Directors
Valve Guides
Cylinder Liners
Fan and Fan Drive
Fan Drive, Disassemble & Assemble
Radiator Guard
Radiator Core
Vibration Damper and Pulley
Front Support
Crankshaft Front Seal
Timing Gear Cover
Accessory Drive Housing and Shaft
Timing Gears and Plate
Oil Pan
Oil Pump
Oil Pump, Disassemble & Assemble
Oil Pan Plate
Connecting Rod Bearings
Crankshaft Main Bearings
Balancer Shafts
Crankshaft Rear Seal
Flywheel Housing
Camshaft Bearings
Balancer Shaft Bearings

SERVICE INDEX (Tractor Power Train):
Track Carrier Rollers
Track Carrier Rollers, Disassemble & Assemble
Track Rollers
Track Rollers, Disassemble & Assemble
Equalizer Spring
Equalizer Spring, Disassemble & Assemble
Front Idlers
Front Idlers, Disassemble & Assemble
Front Idler Rod Assemblies
Hydraulic Track Adjuster
Hydraulic Track Adjuster, Disassemble & Assemble
Recoil Springs
Recoil Springs, Disassemble & Assemble
Track Roller Frames
Alignment of Track Roller Frames
Sprocket Assemblies
Final Drive Cases, Gears, and Hubs
Sprocket Shafts
Floor Plates
Seat and Front Support
Fuel Tank
Batteries and Battery Boxes
Steering Clutch Controls
Steering Clutch Controls, Disassemble & Assemble
Brake Bands and Linings
Steering Clutches
Steering Clutches, Disassemble & Assemble
Bevel Gear and Shaft, Disassemble & Assemble
Bevel Gear and Pinion Shaft Settings
Final Drive Pinions and Flanges
Final Drive Pinions and Flanges, Disassemble & Assemble
Transmission Oil Filter
Transmission Oil Filter, Disassemble & Assemble
Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft, Disassemble & Assemble
Crankcase Guard
Flexible Coupling Drive
Flywheel Clutch Brake
Flywheel Clutch Oil Pump
Flywheel Clutch Oil pump, Disassemble & Assemble
Transmission Oil Pump
Transmission Oil Pump, Disassemble & Assemble
Flywheel Clutch and Hub
Flywheel Clutch and Hub, Disassemble & Assemble
Torque Converter, Disassemble & Assemble
Gearshift Controls
Gearshift Controls, Disassemble & Assemble
Transmission, Disassemble & Assemble
Transmission Hydraulic Controls, Disassemble & Assemble
Torque Converter, Transmission, Transfer Gears
Transmission and Transfer Gears, Disassemble & Assemble
Hydraulic Tank and Dash

INDEX (Specifications Tractor Power Train):
Adjustment of Final Drive Sprocket Bearings
Alignment of Track Roller Frame
Adjustment of the Track
Bevel Gear and Steering Clutch
Bevel Pinion
Case and Cover for Steering Clutch
Checking and Adjusting Alignment of the Flexible Coupling Drive
Controls for the Steering Clutch
Drive Shaft (Direct Drive)
Equalizer Spring
Final Drive
Flexible Coupling Drive (Power Shift)
Flywheel Clutch and Controls (Direct Drive)
Flywheel Clutch and Interlock Linkage (Direct Drive)
Front Idler and Recoil Spring
Hydraulic Controls for the Transmission (Power Shift)
Oil pumps
Rollover Protective Structure
Torque Converter
Track, Adjustment
Track Carrier Roller
Track Rollers
Track Roller Frame
Transfer Gears
Transmission Filter

INDEX (Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting):
    General Information
    Flywheel Clutch and Direct
    Steering Clutches, Brakes and Final Drive
    Torque Converter and Transmission
    Adjusting Track
    Backlash, Bevel Gear
    Bevel Gear and Pinion
    Bevel Gear Shaft Bearing Preload
    Bevel Pinion Location
    Brakes and Control Linkage
    Final Drive and Undercarriage
    Flexible Drive Coupling
    Flywheel Clutch Adjustment
    Flywheel Clutch Brake Adjustment
    Front Idler Adjustment
    Interlock Linkage Adjustment
    Power Shift Transmission Testing and Adjusting
    Steering Clutches and Brakes
    Steering Clutch Control Linkage
    Track Roller Frame Alignment
    Transmission Control Linkage

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