Caterpillar EP16KT, EP18KT, EP20KT Lift Trucks Service Manuals PDF

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Description of Caterpillar EP16KT, EP18KT, EP20KT Lift Trucks Service Manuals PDF

This product includes:
- Caterpillar EP16KT, EP18KT, EP20KT Controller;
- Caterpillar EP16KT, EP18KT, EP20KT Chassis, Mast & Options.
These service manuals are guides to servicing of Cat Lift Trucks EP16KT, EP18KT, EP20KT.
Manuals contain repair and technical service information, special repair instructions, pictures, illustrations, diagrams, technical information for Cat forklifts.
This set comes in zip format, includes PDF files. For work with this set and files you need to install the applications 7-Zip (or any analog) and Adobe PDF Reader.

Serial numbers:
EP16KT ETB4A-00011-up
EP18KT ETB5A-00011-up
EP20KT ETB5A-50001-up

GROUP INDEX of Cat Controller Service Manual:
MAIN CONTROLLER - Controller components, Inspection and adjustment, Service data
TROUBLESHOOTING FOR CONTROL CIRCUITS - Faulty central vehicle monitor system, Faulty diagnosis indication, or Other abnormalities
MOTORS  - Drive motor, Pump motor, EPS motor

GROUP INDEX of Cat Chassis, Mast & Options Service Manual:
GENERAL INFORMATION - Serial number locations, Dimensions, Technical data
VEHICLE ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - Console box, Key switch, Lamp specification chart
POWER TRAIN - Procedure and suggestions for removal and installation
TRANSFER UNITS - Procedures and suggestions for disassembly and reassembly
REAR AXLE - Rear axle, Rear wheels
BRAKE SYSTEM - Caliper, Brake pedal, Master cylinder
STEERING SYSTEM - Steering control valve
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - Tank, Pump, Control valve, Lift and tilt cylinders, Flow regulator valve, Down safety valve
MASTS AND FORKS - Simplex mast, Duplex mast, Triplex mast
SERVICE DATA - Inspection standards, Periodic replacement of parts, Lubrication standards, Main component weight, Tightening torque for standard bolts and nuts, Special tools
OPTIONS - Rearview mirror kit, Backup buzzer kit, Working lamp kit, Tire kit

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