Challenger 680B Combine Service Manual PDF

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Challenger 680B Combine Service Manual PDF

Service manual contains repair and maintenance information, special repair instructions, a lot illustrations and diagrams for Challenger combine 680B.
This service manual helps to detect and eliminate problems encountered and inaccuracies.
Electronic service manual contains clear service information about Challenger equipment and helps to identify existing and potential problems, to carry out maintenance and repair problem areas and troubleshooting.
This manual comes in PDF format. You can work with this manual after installing Adobe PDF Reader. Working with this manual, you can easily copy, save, and print the information you need. If necessary, you can print pages, pictures, charts, or the entire manual completely.


01 - General Information
Safety Alert Symbol
Signal Words
Travel On Public Roads
Rear Hook
Header Lift Cylinder Stop
Safety Signs
Shield Latches
How A Combine Works
Combine Identification
Diesel Fuels
Lubrication and Maintenance
Service Procedures
Service Periods
Lubrication and Maintenance
Lubrication Details
Rotor Gearbox
Final Drive
Rear Wheel Bearings (Standard Axle)
Tires and Wheels
Drive Belts
Roller Chains
Belt and Chain Adjustments
Combine Drives - Left-hand Side
Combine Right-Hand Drives
Feeder Elevator
Clean Grain And Returns Elevators
Engine Drive Belt
Engine Compartment
Engine Fuel System
Engine Cooling System
Engine Cooling System Coolant
Engine Air Cleaner
Electrical System
Hydrostatic Drives
Air Conditioning System
Cab Air Filters
Storage Preparation
Preparation For Use After Storage
Torque Charts
Metric Conversions
02 - Specifications
General Lubrication
Tire Combinations
Tire Pressure
Wheel Bolt Torque
Electrical System
Operators Cab
Hydraulic System
Torque Charts
03 - Engine - Drives, Cooling and Fuel
Engine / Cooling
Engine Output Shaft
Cooling System
Condensor / Cooler Assembly
Fuel Tank
Engine Drives
04 - Material Handling
Clean Grain System
Feeder Housing
Return Grain System
Torque Limiter Return Grain
Universal Joint Replacement
Unloading Auger System
05 - Material Discharge
Straw Chopper
Straw Spreader
Chaff Spreader
06 - Rear Axle
Power Rear Axle
Adjustable Rear Steering Axle
07 - Threshing and Separa
Stone Trap
Rotor Gearbox
Separator Grates
Rotor Guide Vanes / Guide Vane Shell
Separator Return Pan
Chaffer / Cleaning Shoe / Shaker Shaft
Cleaning Shoe Pitman
Cleaning Fan
Thresher Drive Main Countershaft
08 - Front Axle
Final Drive
09 - Hydraulics
General Information
Hydraulic Reservoir
Reservoir Strainer Screen Hydraulic
Oil Filter
Hydraulic Control Valve
Lateral Tilt Valve
Priority Valve
Unloader Engage Valve
Shuttle Valve
Variable Speed Relief Valve
Oil Cooler Bypass Valve
Single Point Connector
Header Lift Cylinders
Reel Lift Cylinders
Unloading Auger Tube Swing Cylinder
Steering Cylinders
Unloading Auger Engage Cylinder
Header Laterial Tilt Cylinder (Optional Accessory)
Hydraulic Accumulator
Hydrostatic Drive Systems
Priming, Flushing, Cleaning, And Start-Up Of Hydraulic System
Hydrostatic Rotor Drive System
Hydrostatic Propulsion Drive System
Hydrostatic Pump And Motor Repair
Hydraulic Pump
Steering Control Unit
Header Reverser Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Chaff Spreader Motor
Hydraulic Rotary Screen Drive
10 - Electrical
General Information
Cab Electrical Component Locations
Electrical Circuits
Chassis Sensor Location
Electrical Connectors
Electrical Troubleshooting
Starting System
Charging System
11 - Electronics
General Information
Combine Module Can Software Downloader
Gauge Cluster And Grain Loss Monitor Module
Electronic Instrument Panel
Fuse Panel Assembly (FP)
Electronic Rotor Speed Control
Console Controller
12 - Cab and HVAC
Instrument And Controls
Operator's Seat
Steering Column
Windshield Wiper Motor
Head Liner
Cab Glass
Air Conditioning And Heating

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