Clark EC500 60/80B Lift Trucks SM-604 Service Manual PDF

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  • Print Length: 385 pages
  • Publication date: 1996 year

Description of Clark EC500 60/80B Lift Trucks SM-604 Service Manual PDF

This service manual provides information covering normal service, maintenance and repair of the Clark industrial lift trucks EC500.
This service manual is intended for use by persons who are trained and authorized to do lift truck maintenance. It's designed to provide essential information about the corrct and safe service maintenance and repair of the truck by trained mechanics or service technicians.
General and detailed service and repair procedures are outlined (as required) for each component or subsystem. Some procedures include explanations that are common to several components or subsystem.
Service manual is designed to work on a personal computer with Windows & Mac. This manual is a file PDF, which contains 385 pages, any one of which we can be printed easily. We recommend to use Adobe PDF Reader, to be sure all images / graphics will display correctly.

Group SA - Safe Maintenance
Group PS - Periodic Service
Group 12 - Battery
Group 13 - Electrical Control Handle
Group 16 - Electrical Motors
Group 17 - Electrical Schematics
Group 19 - Electrical Controls
Group 20 - Drive Axle
Group 22 - Wheels and Tires
Group 23 - Brake System
Group 25 - Steering Gear
Group 26 - Steering Axle
Group 29 - Hydraulic Pump, Sump and Filters
Group 30 - Hydraulic Control Valves
Group 31 - Hydraulic Supply System
Group 32 - Cylinders
Group 33 - Selector Solenoid Valve
Group 34 - Upright
Group 40 - Specifications

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