Clark SF35-45D/L, CMP40-50sD/L Lift Trucks SM-704 Service Manual PDF

  • Brand: Clark
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  • Print Length: 1038 pages
  • Publication date: 2004 year

Description of Clark SF35-45D/L, CMP40-50sD/L Lift Trucks SM-704 Service Manual PDF

This service manual contains service and repair information, maintenance and service instructions, pictures and schematics for Clark Lift Trucks SF35-45D/L, CMP40-50sD/L.
Service manual helps to remove all the existing faults and problems.
This service manual is a file PDF, which contains 1038 pages, any one of which we can be printed easily.
For this work with this leadership you need to install Adobe PDF Reader.

General Product Information
Inch and Metric (SAE) Fasteners
Technical Service Data
Ordering Spare Parts
Contents, Section P
Introduction, Maintenance
Service Schedule
Lubrication Chart
Oil And Grease Specifications
Contents, Section S
Chassis / Lift Frame
Inspection Covers
Driver Controls
Motor Maintenance Schedule / Troubleshooting
Pump Motor
Drive Motor
Parking Brake System
Drive Wheel
Support / Swivel Wheel (Optional)
Fork Wheels
Electrical Functions
Electrical Symbols
Electrical Schematics
Swing Out Battery Pack
Battery Connector
Battery Controller / Hourmeter / Lift Interrupt (Optional)
Battery Discharge Indicator / Hourmeter
Start / Stop Switches
Transistor Controller
Transistor Controller Troubleshooting
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Pump
Lift Cylinder
Battery Charger, Optima Pack
Handset Operation

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