Clark TM 12/25 36Volt EV-100 Supplement SM-555 Service Manual PDF

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Description of Clark TM 12/25 36Volt EV-100 Supplement SM-555 Service Manual PDF

Service manual is intended for serve and maintain Clark TM 12/25 36Volt EV-100 Supplement.
This service manual includes repair procedures as well as instructions for a periodic planned maintenance program which covers inspections, operational checks, cleaning, lubrication and minor adjustments.
This manual is intended to be used by persons who are trained and authorized to do lift truck maintenance.
Service manual comes in PDF format, includes 687 pages, all pages are printable and readable. To view PDF manuals you need to install Adobe PDF Reader.

This Service Manual covers:
Planned Maintenance Schedule
Planned Maintenance And Lubrication Charts
Battery Maintenance
Battery Removal
Lift Pump Motor Microswitch Adjustment
Service Brake Microswitch Adjustment
Parking Brake Microswitch Adjustment
Accelerator Control
Electrical System
Electrical Motor Maintenance
Drive Motor Brush Replacement
Steer Motor Brush Replacent
Steer Pump Motor
Lift Pump Motor
General Motor Maintenance
Steer Axle Trunnion Microswitch Adjustment
SCR Control Panel
SCR Control Operation And Troubleshooting
Drive Axle Maintenance
Drive Axle
Pneumatic Tire And Wheel Maintenance
Brake Bleeding Procedure
Parking Brake Adjustment
Brake Caliper Assembly
Brake Master Cylinder
Pylon Release Adjustment
Steering Gear Control
Steer Axle Trunnion Bearings Adjustment
Steer Wheel  Bearing Maintenance
Power Steering Relief Pressure Check
Steer Cylinder Linkage Check & Adjustment
Steer Axle, Steering Linkage, Steering Trunnion
Steering Cylinder
Steer Pump
Hydraulic Sump Fluid And Filter Change
Hydraulic System Relief Pressure Check And Adjustment
Hydraulic Valve (Main Hydraulic Valve)
Hydraulic System Schematic Diagram
Tilt Cylinder Adjustment
Tilt Cylinder
Tilt Cylinder Drift Test
Lift Chain Check And Adjustment
Upright Down drift Test
Fork Maintenance
Lift Chain Maintenance
Upright Removal
Counterweight Removal
Front Battery Plate Adjustment
Machine Jacking And Blocking
Overhead Guard Removal
Hood Removal
Truck Data Plates And Decals
Suggested Equipment For Electric Truck PM
Fire Extinguisher Recommendations
Truck Specifications
Measuring Voltages With The V-O-M
Measuring Resistance With The V-O-M

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