Clark TMX 12-25, EPX 16-20s Lift Trucks SM-715 Service Manual PDF

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  • Publication date: 2005 year

Description of Clark TMX 12-25, EPX 16-20s Lift Trucks SM-715 Service Manual PDF

This service manual is intended fro serve and maintain Clark Lift Trucks TMX 12-25, EPX 16-20s.
This manual consists of "base" module that pertains to all TMX12-25, ECX16-18 models and other modules that pertain only to specific models.
Service manual helps to designate the symptoms that can help you identify problems, find the most probable causes and follow the instructions to repair the problem is solved.
This service manual comes in PDF format, contains 501 pages, all pages are printable and readable. For work with manual you need to install the application Adobe PDF Reader.

Section SA - Safe Maintenance
        Lifting, Jacking, and Blocking the Truck
Section  PS - Periodic Service
        Maintenance Schedules
        Planned Maintenance Program
        PM Inspection Form
Section  12 - Battery
        Battery Service
Section 13 - Wiring, Switches, and Instruments
        Schematic Electric Circuit Diagrams
        General Electrical Service Tips
        Wiring and Cables
        Switches and Sensors
        Instrument Panel
Section 16 - Electric Motors
        Motor Specifications and Descriptions
        Drive Motors Overhaul
        Pump Motor Overhaul
Section 17 - Contactors
Section 19 - Motor Controls
        Programming & Adjustments Using ZAPI Handset
        Control Troubleshooting
        TMX Factory Control Settings
Section 20 - Drive Axle
        Drive Axle Specifications and Description
        Drive Axle Fluid Check and Change
        Drive Axle Troubleshooting
Section 22 - Wheels And Tires
        Wheels  & Tires Specifications amd Description
        Wheels & Tires Mounting and Maintenance
Section 23 - Brake Sysytem
        Brake Specifications
        Brake System Fuild Check, Fill, and Bleed Specifications and Description
        Brake Pedal and Master Cylinder Removal, Replacement and Adjustment
        Brake Caliper Removal and Replacement
        Parking Brake Removal, Replacement, and Adjustment
        Brake Overhaul
Section 25/26 - Steer System
        Steering System Specifications and Description
        Steering System Troubleshooting
        Steering Column and Component Removal and Replacement
        Steering System Relief Pressure Check and Adjustment
        Steering Gear Overhaul (TMX)
        Steer Axle Service (TMX)
        Steer Cylinder Overhaul (TMX)
        Steering Axle Wheel Bearing Maintenance and Adjustment (EPX)
        Steering Axle Removal and Replacement (EPX)
        Steer Cylinder Removal and Replacement (EPX)
        Steering Gear Overhaul (EPX)
        Steer Cylinder Overhaul (EPX)
Section 29 - Hydraulic System
        Main Hydraulic System Specifications and Description
        Fluids and Filters
        Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
        Hydraulic System Pressure Checks and Adjustments
        Hydraulic System Removal and Overhaul
Section 30 - Hydraulic System
        Hydraulic System Schematic
        Main Hydraulic Control Valve Removal and Overhaul
Section 32 - Tilt Cylinders
        Tilt Cylinder Specifications and Description
        Checks and Adjustments
        Tilt Cylinder Removal and Installation
        Tilt Cylinder Overhaul
Section 34 - Uprights
        Upright Specifications and Description
        Upright Inspection
        Carriage and Upright Roller Clearance Checks and Shim Adjustment
        Cylinder Removal, Shimming, Overhaul and Replacement
        Fork and Carriage Removal and Replacement
        Upright Removal and Replacement
Section 38 - Counterweight and Chassis
        Counterweight Specifications and Description
        Counterweight Removal and Installation
        Overhead Guard Removal and Installation
        Floor Plate, Seat, and Seat Deck Removal and Installation
Section 40 - Specifications
        Nameplate and Decals
        General Specifications
        Hydraulic Fitting Tightening Procedure

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