Daewoo Mega 250-V Wheel Loader Set of PDF Manuals

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  • Publication date: 2003 year

Description of Daewoo Mega 250-V Wheel Loader Set of PDF Manuals

    This set of instructions contains very important and useful information for the wheel loader Daewoo Mega 250-V. Before starting the wheel loader, study it operation manual, it will help to avoid breakages and extend the lifespan of the wheel loader. All service procedures are broken down into detailed steps, listed in their recommended sequence. Be certain to observe all safety information included in these pages. Manuals includes service information, description of repair and troubleshoot procedures, installation instructions, special instructions, maintenance and any additional information that is used quality service for Daewoo wheel loader. The manual uses photographs and drawings to help locate and itemize components.
    Manual comes in PDF format, any one of which we can be printed easily. You can work with this manual after installing Adobe PDF Reader.

Mega 250-V

Set includes:
-Daewoo Mega 250-V Wheel Loader - Operation and Maintenance Manual
-Daewoo Mega 250-V Wheel Loader - Shop Manual
-Daewoo Mega 250-V Wheel Loader - Electrical scheme
-Daewoo Mega 250-V Wheel Loader - Hydraulic scheme

Serial Number:
1001 and Up
S/N 1001 thru 2000 (Tier I)
S/N 2001 and Up (Tier II)

Contents of operation and maintenance manual 022-00027AE:
1. Safety
2. Operating Controls
3. Operation
4. Inspection, Maintenance and Adjustment
5. Transportation
6. Troubleshooting
7. Specifications
8. Index

Contents of shop manual 023-00050AE:
    Wheel Loader Safety
    Specifications for Mega 250-V
3.General Maintenance
    General Maintenance Procedures
    Standard Torques
4.Upper Structure
    Fuel Transfer Pump
    Hydraulic Oil Tank
5.Lower Structure and Chassis
    Center Joint (Articulation Joint)
6.Engine and Drive Train
    Axle (Volvo)
    Parking Brake Caliper (Volvo)
    Air Conditioner
    Transmission and Torque Converter (ZF 4WG-190)
    Transmission Error Codes (ZF)
    Fan Drive Hydraulic Motor (Haldex)
    Main Pump (Denison T67CCA Series)
    Brake Pedal Valve
    Main Control Valve (Toshiba)
    Pilot Control Valve
    Priority Valve
    Power Steering Unit
    Unloader Valve
    Hydraulic Schematic (Mega 250-V)
8.Electrical System
    Electrical System
    Electrical Schematic (Mega 250-V)

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