Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator Set of PDF Manuals

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  • Print Length: 585+238 pages
  • Publication date: 2001 year

Description of Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator Set of PDF Manuals

    This set of instructions contains very important and useful information for the Daewoo track excavator Solar 300LC-V. Before starting the track excavator, study it operation manual, it will help to avoid breakages and extend the lifespan of the track excavator. All service procedures are broken down into detailed steps, listed in their recommended sequence. Be certain to observe all safety information included in these pages. Manuals includes service information, description of repair and troubleshoot procedures, installation instructions, special instructions, maintenance and any additional information that is used quality service for Daewoo track excavator. The manual uses photographs and drawings to help locate and itemize components.
    Manual comes in PDF format, any one of which we can be printed easily. You can work with this manual after installing Adobe PDF Reader.

Models and Serial Number Range:
Solar 130LC-V 0001 and Up
Solar 170LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 220LC-V 0001 and Up
Solar 220N-V 1001 and Up
Solar 250LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 290LC-V 0001 and Up
Solar 300LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 300LL 1001 and Up
Solar 330LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 340LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 400LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 420LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 450LC-V 1001 and Up
Solar 470LC-V 1001 and Up

Set includes:
-Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator - Shop Manual -585 pages;
-Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator - Operation and Maintenance Manual - 238 pages;
-Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator - Electrical scheme;
-Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator - Hydraulic scheme;
-Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator - Calibration data INJ.Pump;
-Daewoo Solar 300LC-V Track Excavator - Performance spesification.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (operation and maintenance manual):
    To the Operator of a Daewoo Excavator
    Location of Safety Labels
    Summary of Safety Precautions for Lifting in Digging Mode
    Unauthorized Modifications
    General Hazard Information
    Before Starting Engine
    Machine Operation
    Shipping and Transportation
    Excavator Rated Lift Capacity Tables
2.Operating Controls
    Component Locations
    Operator’s Area
    Operational Controls and Panels
    Instrument Panel
    Multifunction Gauge and Graphic Information
    Mode Selection Buttons
    Setting Method for Main Menu
    Heater and Air Conditioner Control Panel
    Fuse Boxes
    Miscellaneous Electrical Devices
    Seat Adjustment
    Seat Belt
    Ceiling Cover
    Front Windows
    Door Side Latch
    Miscellaneous Access Covers and Doors
    Cab Storage Compartments
    Emergency Glass Breaking Tool
    To Handle a New Excavator
    Starting and Stopping the Engine
    Safety Lever
    Operating Instructions
    Operating Precautions
    Parking Excavator
    Towing Procedure
    Hydraulic Breaker
    Operating Techniques
    Operation Under Unusual Conditions
4.Inspection, Maintenance and Adjustment
    Preliminary Work Machine Setup for Maintenance
    Table of Recommended Lubricants
    Fluid Capacities
    Lubrication and Service Chart
    Maintenance Intervals
    10 Hour / Daily Service
    50 Hour / Weekly Service
    250 Hour / Monthly Service
    500 Hour / 3 Month Service
    1000 Hour / 6 Month Service
    2000 Hour / Yearly Service
    4000 Hour / Biennial Service
    Venting and Priming Hydraulic System
    Handling of Accumulator
    Fuel Transfer Pump (Option)
    Electrical System
    Air Conditioning System
    Bucket Shimming Procedures
    Track Tension
    Bolt and Nut Inspection
    Maintenance in Special Conditions
    Long Term Storage
    Loading and Unloading
    Lifting With Sling
    Hydraulic System
    Swing System
    Travel System
    Electrical System
    Standard Specification
    Overall Dimensions
    Working Range
    Approximate Weight of Workload Materials

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