Daewoo Solar 470LC-V Track Excavator Set of PDF Manuals

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  • Language: English
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  • Print Length: 242+601 pages
  • Publication date: 2001 year

Description of Daewoo Solar 470LC-V Track Excavator Set of PDF Manuals

    Set manual includes technical service information, detailed schematics and diagrams, technical specifications, special instructions, calibration data, and other supporting information.
These  manuals is intended for serve, repair and troubleshoot Daewoo Solar 470LC-V track excavator.
    The instruction is presented in the PDF format. The manual allows you to find the required information, and print all the text or individual pages. For convenience, we recommend using Adobe PDF Reader to ensure that all graphics are displayed correctly.

Solar 130LC-V
Solar 170LC-V
Solar 220LC-V
Solar 220N-V
Solar 250LC-V
Solar 290LC-V
Solar 300LC-V
Solar 300LL
Solar 330LC-V
Solar 340LC-V
Solar 400LC-V
Solar 420LC-V
Solar 450LC-V
Solar 470LC-V

Serial Number Range:
0001 and Up
1001 and Up

Set includes:
-Daewoo Solar 470LC-V Track Excavator Shop Manual;
-Daewoo Solar 470LC-V Track Excavator Operation and Maintenance Manual 022-00022E;
-Daewoo Solar 470LC-V Track Excavator Diagram for Solar 470LC-V; 
-Daewoo Solar 470LC-V Track Excavator INJ.Pump Calibration Data.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Shop manual):
3.General maintenance
4.Upper Structure
5.Lower Structure and Chassis
7.Electrical System
TABLE OF CONTENTS (Operation and maintenance manual):
2.Operating controls
4.Inspection, maintenance and adjustment

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