DOOSAN DAEWOO DX340LC Track Excavator Set of PDF Manuals

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Description of DOOSAN DAEWOO DX340LC Track Excavator Set of PDF Manuals

    We offer you a complete manuals for the repair and maintenance of a Doosan track excavator DX340 LC.
This set of instructions is needed to detect and correct problems and inaccuracies for the Doosan DX340 LC. This manual contains diagrams and schemes, special instructions, technical information on the Doosan DX340 LC. These manuals describe procedures for operation, handling, lubrication, maintenance, inspection and adjustment. This information will be understand for beginners and professionals.
    Make sure you understand the contents of this manuals and use it to full effect at every opportunity.
    Thanks to the PDF format, in which the instructions are presented, it is possible to print the entire instructions or the individual diagrams and schemes. You can work with these manuals after installing Adobe PDF Reader.

DX340 LC

Set includes:
-DOOSAN DX340 LC Track Excavator Shop Manual - 840 pages;
-DOOSAN DX340 LC Track Excavator Operation and Maintenance Manual - 288 pages;
-DOOSAN DX340 LC Track Excavator Electrical Scheme;
-DOOSAN DX340 LC Track Excavator Hydraulic Scheme.

Serial Numbers:
5001 and Up

Contents of Shop Manual K1009684E:
    Track Excavator Safety
    Specification for DX340LC
3.General Maintenance
    General Maintenance Procedures
    Standard Torques
4.Upper Structure
    Fuel Tank
    Swing Bearing
    Swing Reduction Gear
5.Lower Structure and Chassis
    Track Assembly
    Air Conditioner
6.Engine and Drive Train
    Drive Coupling (Main Pump)
    Hydraulic System Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment
    Center Joint (Swivel)
    Swing Motor
    Travel Motor
    Main Pump
    Gear Pump
    Main Control Valve
    Remote Control Valve (Work Lever / Joystick)
    Travel Control Valve (With Damper)
    Breaker EPPR Valve (Opt)
    Hydraulic Schematic (DX340LC)
8.Electrical System
    Electrical System
    Electrical Schematic (DX300LC/340LC)
    Boom and Arm

Contents of Operation and Maintenance Manual K1009683E:
1. Safety
2. Operating Controls
3. Operation
4. Inspection, Maintenance and Adjustment
5. Transportation
6. Troubleshooting
7. Specification
8. Index

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