Doosan Lift Trucks Systems Operation Description of Fault Codes Manual of PDF

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Description of Doosan Lift Trucks Systems Operation Description of Fault Codes Manual of PDF

    This operation manual is designed for maintenance and repair of Doosan lift trucks for three speed power shift transmission 3WG 116/161. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to full effect at every opportunity.
This manual mainly contains the necessary technical information for operations performed in a service workshop. This manual explains the structure and function of each component. It serves  not only to give an understanding of the structure, but also serves as  reference material for troubleshooting to the Doosan lift trucks. This instruction saves time on searching for troubleshoot information that helps solve any problems with lift trucks. With the instructions you can quickly and easily troubleshoot and find service information about the engines, find the required number and the name of the part that has broken. Operators and maintenance personnel must read and understand this manual before operating or maintaining this machine. This manual should be kept in or near the machine for reference, and periodically reviewed by all  personnel who will come into contact with it.
    This manual is in PDF format. Thanks to the PDF format, in which the instruction is presented, it is possible to print the entire instruction or the individual diagrams and schemes. You can work with this manual after installing Adobe PDF Reader.

FV - 00001  UP
FX - 00001  UP
GS - 00001  UP
F1 - 00003   UP
F2 - 00004   UP
F3 - 00010   UP

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