Doosan P158/180/222LE Generator Diesel Engines Operation and Maintenance Manual PDF

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Description of Doosan P158/180/222LE Generator Diesel Engines Operation and Maintenance Manual PDF

    This operation and maintenance manual is designed for safe operation with a Doosan P158/180/222LE, PU158/180/222TI generator diesel engines.
Maintenance manual helps to quickly and easily troubleshoot equipment, solve any problems.  This manual includes detailed pictures, diagrams and schematics, which help to get detailed description diesel engine. Also, this manual contains instructions for installation and maintenance, special instructions for troubleshooting and a lot of additional information about diesel engines Doosan.
The operation manual is a good tool for office staff and technical specialists who are involved with the maintenance and repair.
    Thanks to the PDF format, in which the instruction is presented, it is possible to print the entire instruction or the individual diagrams and schemes. You can work with this manual after installing Adobe PDF Reader.

P158LE / -1 / - 2 / -S / -III
P180LE / -1 / -S / -II
P222LE / -1 / -S / -II


Manual code:

1. Safety Regulations & Engine Specifications
    1.1. Safety regulations
    1.2. Engine Specification
    1.3. Engine Assembly
2. Technical Information
    2.1. Engine Model and Serial Number
    2.2. Engines Characteristic
    2.3. Troubleshooting
    2.4. Operation tip
3. Disassembly and Reassembly of Major Components
    3.1. Engine Disassembly
    3.2. Inspection
    3.3. Engine Reassembly
    3.4. Breaking-In
4. Commissioning and Operation
    4.1. Preparations
    4.2. Starting
    4.3. Running in
    4.4. During operation
    4.5. Shutting down
    4.6. Maintenance and Care
5. Maintenance of Major Components
    5.1. Fuel Injection System
    5.2. Cooling System
    5.3. Lubricating System
    5.4. Turbo Charger
    5.5. Installation
    5.6. Air Cleaner
    5.7. Tightening Cylinder Head Bolts
    5.8. V-belts
6. Special Tool List
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