FiatAllis FR120.2 Wheel Loader Operation and Maintenance Instruction + Service Manual PDF

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  • Publication date: 1998 year

Description of FiatAllis FR120.2 Wheel Loader Operation and Maintenance Instruction + Service Manual PDF

This product is a set of Operation and Maintenance Instruction and Service Manual for Wheel Loader FiatAllis FR120.2
These manuals provide guidance on the use, maintenance and operation, service information for Wheel Loader FiatAllis.
Manuals contain general information about the Wheel Loader FiatAllis, the recommendations for maintenance, description of possible malfunctions of vehicle FiatAllis.
Technical advice given in these manuals will help to carry out maintenance and make repairs as service stations, as well as their own.
These manuals are PDF-file, which contains 252 pages, any one of which we can be printed easily. To work with manual you should use Adobe PDF Reader.

EFF. S/N 101-UP

Table of Contents Service Manual:
Brake System
Steering System
Equipment Hydraulic System
Bucket Boom and Frame
Electric System
Hydraulic Diagram

Table of Contents Operation and Maintenance Instruction Manual:
Safety rules
Identification data
Instrument panel
Check control
Fuse box
Instrument console
Gearshift selector lever
Turn signal / warning flasher / horn
Horn (foot)
Brake pedal
Accelerator pedal
Operator's console
Airfilter restriction indicator
Master switch
Boom and bucket control lever
Quick Direction Shift (ODS)
"V" Cycle Operation
Additional hydraulic function lever
Parking brake
Operator's seat
Seat adjustment
4th Function switch
Walk around inspection
Operating warnings
Operating tips
Service and lubrication guide
Key to type and grade of lubricants
10 Hour Services
50 Hour Services
100 Hour Services
250 Hour Services
500 Hour Services
1000 Hour Services
As Required
Electrical System

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