FiatAllis FR220.2 Wheel Loader Operation and Maintenance Instruction + Service Manual PDF

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Description of FiatAllis FR220.2 Wheel Loader Operation and Maintenance Instruction + Service Manual PDF

This product is a set of Operation and Maintenance Instruction and Service Manual for Wheel Loader FiatAllis FR220.2.
Manual includes technical service and maintenance information, wiring charts and diagrams, operation instructions, designed to serve wheel loaders FiatAllis.
This manual comes in PDF format. To view the information you must have Adobe PDF Reader. Working with this manual, you can easily copy, save, and print the information you need. If necessary, you can print pages, pictures, charts, or the entire manual completely.

Summary of Service Manual:
Technical Specifications and Main Data FR 220.2
Safety Rules
Units of Measure Used in the Manual
Lubricants (fluid capacities)
Section 1 - Engine
Section 2 - Transmission
Section 3 - Axles
Section 4 - Brakes
Section 5 - Steering System
Section 6 - Equipment Hydraulic System
Section 7 - Bucket and Frame
Section 8 - Electric System
Section 9 - Cab

Table of Contents Operation and Maintenance Instruction:
Safety Rules
Indentification Data
Quantitative facets of comfort
List and location of safety plates
Preliminary Instructions and Break-in period
Operating warning
Controls and Instruments
General Information
Electrical System Master Switch
Fuel Tank
Engine Starting
Engine Idling
Starting at Low Temperature
Placing Loader in Motion
Stopping the Loader
Stopping the enigne
Lowering attachment to ground without engine power
Moving the machine with external aids
Automatic bucket leveler
Automatic boom kick-out adjustment
Cold Climate Precaution
Preparation for storage
Operator's Seat Adjustments
Steering wheel rake adjustment
Heating and ventilation
Fire protection
Operating warning
Walk around inspection
Maintenance operations
List of on-board tools
Lubrication and Service Guide
10 Hours Services
50 Hours Services
100 Hours Services
250 Hours Services
500 Hours Services
1000 Hours Services
2000 Hours Services
As Required Services
Occasional Services
Electrical System
Wiring Diagram
Fluid capacities
List of residual dangers

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